Releaf Armadale Experience

Releaf’s brand new clinic in Armadale offers a unique and elevated health experience. We provide integrative healthcare services in a soothing, relaxing space where patients receive individualised care to heal both mind and body.

Unique Patient Experience

GP consultations, medicines, health and wellness products and tailored treatment plans are just part of the unique patient journey at Releaf Armadale. We offer a healing space outside of the usual clinical health experience with complimentary services like concierge rides to and from the clinic.

(03) 8849 9878

Suite 3 921-927 High St Armadale, Vic Australia

Health Services


At Releaf Armadale our passionate team of medical practitioners provide a range of medicines and treatments.

Our growing team of allied health practitioners includes massage therapists and acupuncturists. Together, we work to provide holistic healthcare services tailored to each patient.

Available at Releaf Armadale


Doctor Consultations


Integrative Health Services


Access to Health and Wellness products, including terpenes

Releaf Armadale is Now Open

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