Health Tips for Working from Home

by | Aug 20, 2020

Health Tips for Working from Home

by | Aug 20, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic means many of us are now working from home. Our new work environments present a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to health. Alluring snacks in the kitchen, the temptation to work in ergonomically
unhealthy positions (like in bed), and increased boredom and lack of social stimulation can all undermine your best intentions to keep healthy.

Here are some nutrition tips to help you keep on top of your health while you work from home.

Plan Your Snack and Meal Times

Schedules are important for staying productive. Just as you plan out other aspects of your work day, you should establish set times to snack and eat meals based on what works for you. This can help you avoid grazing all day.

Don’t Work Near the Kitchen

Aim to set up your home office or desk in an area that’s not in or near the kitchen. This can help you avoid the temptation to wander over and check the fridge when you’re bored or looking to procrastinate. Only go to the kitchen during planned snack or meal times.

Keep the Kitchen Stocked With Healthy Snacks

The best way to deal with the temptation of unhealthy snacks? Eliminate them from your kitchen entirely. Instead, keep your kitchen stocked with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables while keeping junk foods out of sight. Some healthy snacks include berries, mixed nuts, dates or carrot sticks dipped in hummus.

Eat Balanced, Nutritious Meals

Eating healthy meals makes you more productive. It means you’ll stay fuller for longer and focus better on the tasks you need to complete. Remember that what you eat impacts your mood and energy level. Focus on getting plenty of protein, fibre and healthy fats, with plenty of veggies in every meal.

Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration can cause fatigue and headaches, neither of which are good for your productivity. Keep a water bottle at your desk and drink plenty throughout the day. Avoid juices and soft drinks, which are unhealthy and can cause you to crash after an initial burst of energy. You should also be careful of drinking too much coffee for the same reason.

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