Staying Safe During the Pandemic: How To Protect Yourself

by | Sep 28, 2020

Staying Safe During the Pandemic: How To Protect Yourself

by | Sep 28, 2020

It’s been a stressful year all around the world as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty it brings. This is especially true in Victoria, where we’re just starting see the light at the end of the tunnel after a significant second wave and strict stage 4 lockdown measures across Melbourne.

During this time, it’s essential to take steps to protect your physical and mental health. Below are some simple tips to help you stay mentally and physically healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Follow Public Health Guidelines 

Help slow the spread of COVID-19 and safeguard the health and wellbeing of you and everyone else by maintaining good hygiene and following social distancing rules.

  • Good hygiene – Wash your hands regularly, cover your coughs and keep your home clean.
  • Physical distancing – Stay 1.5m away from other people while you are in public to reduce the chance of catching or spreading the disease.
  • Masks – Wearing a mask limits community transmission, especially when physical distancing is not possible, like on public transport or in an indoor public space.

Ensure you understand the rules around essential and non-essential gatherings, isolation following a COVID-19 test and quarantine. 

Stay Active

Exercise is an excellent way to maintain your physical and mental health. This can be as simple as going on a daily walk, run or bike ride around your local neighbourhood. You can also do some yoga, weight training or other workouts like skipping at home. There are also a variety of apps and YouTube channels you can use to help plan your workouts and motivate you.  

Practice Meditation and Mindfulness

It’s normal to feel more stressed and anxious during a global pandemic. Taking 10 minutes or so each day to practice mindfulness can help create a sense of calmness, especially if you’re noticing your thoughts racing or other symptoms of anxiety.

If meditation isn’t for you, try doing an ordinary activity in a mindful way. For example, while you’re having a cup of tea, focus on your senses (the smell of the tea, the warmth of the cup, the taste), putting aside other distractions.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Quality nutrition is also essential for both your physical and mental health. Ensure you eat a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables (green, leafy veggies like spinach, broccoli and kale) are especially important for supporting a healthy immune system. 

Looking for More Health Advice?

At Releaf Clinics and Dispensaries, our doctors can provide tailored health advice to help you improve your physical and mental health. As a dedicated clinic and dispensary group, we can simplify the consultation process and make it easier for you to access the medicine you need.

Our telehealth consults allow you to access services with Releaf’s doctors via phone and video chat. Contact us today to chat about how we can help improve your health.

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