Top 5 Meditation Apps & Channels

by | Jan 29, 2021

Top 5 Meditation Apps & Channels

by | Jan 29, 2021

Whether you’re new to meditation or an experienced practitioner, meditation apps and channels can be helpful tools. They can instruct you, motivate you and help you stay accountable. Some of the best meditation apps are designed specifically to show beginners the ropes and stick with them as they advance. There are some great apps and channels out there both for beginners who have no idea where to start and devoted, long-term practitioners.

1. Headspace

This well-known and highly popular meditation app is very beginner friendly, featuring a cheerful aesthetic with fun animations. A new “Everyday Headspace” meditation is added each day and greets you on the home page. In addition to basic meditation, the Headspace app has guided meditations for different moods or goals. For example, you can meditate for stress relief or mindfulness as well as for specific challenges like grief, body image, fear and more. Move Mode pairs exercise with meditation so you can work out both body and mind at the same time.

2. Insight Timer

With more than 260,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.9 in the Apple app store, Insight Timer is a favourite among meditation beginners and enthusiasts alike. One key reason is its huge free library, which features around 70,000 free meditations and music tracks with new content added regularly. Insight Timer has a 7 day free course for beginners that can teach you the basics of how to meditate. You can also track your meditation practice and milestones with free charts that sync up to your other devices. 

3. The Omega Institute 

The Omega Institute’s YouTube channel offers a wide variety of meditations, including kid-friendly ones, basic Buddhist meditation for beginners, thoughtful Tonglen meditation, bedtime yoga for parents and kids and more. Videos are usually under five minutes. You can find different playlists with videos on mindfulness, yoga, health and healing, and more. 

4. Aura

This app is popular for its simplicity, helping you to meditate 3 minutes a day. It’s great for busy people who want a meditation app they can pick up when they have a spare moment. You can personalise meditations based on your mood or experience level. Aura also features a mood tracker, life coaching, a gratitude journal and a community of enthusiastic users and meditation teachers. While it has premium offerings, plenty of users find that the free version is enough for casual use.

5. Waking Up

Waking Up is a meditation course app by neuroscientist, philosopher, author and experienced meditation practitioner Sam Harris. The app is intuitive, straightforward, uncluttered and aesthetically pleasing. It offers daily meditations of 10 minutes or less along with longer guided meditations that run up to an hour. It also features an expansive collection of lessons on topics related to meditation, from mindfulness and managing pain to the nature of reality. 

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