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About Us

Australia’s first dedicated clinic and dispensary group

Releaf Clinics is a healthcare company established in 2017 in Australia. The company has a mission to make the consultation process and access to medication easier for patients in need. They offer a fully integrated healthcare service that includes integrative medicine clinics, pharmacies, and retail dispensaries.

Services provided by Releaf Clinics:

  • Multidisciplinary Clinics: Releaf Clinics are multidisciplinary clinics that provide a range of services to patients.
  • Orthodox Medical Services: They offer orthodox medical services to treat various medical conditions.
  • Plant Medicine Prescribing: The doctors at Releaf Clinics are trained in plant medicine prescribing. However, they assess the suitability of plant medicine as a therapeutic option on an individual basis in consultation with the patient.
  • Allied Health Services: Releaf Clinics offer allied health services such as naturopathy and psychology, depending on each clinic’s availability.
  • Pharmacy: They have a pharmacy on-site to provide patients with the medications they need.
  • Retail Dispensary: They carry supplements and health foods in their retail dispensaries.

Releaf Clinics offer a comprehensive approach to healthcare, incorporating various services to help patients achieve optimal health. They understand that plant medicine is not the only potential therapeutic option for patient health conditions. Therefore, they assess the suitability of plant medication on an individual basis in consultation with the doctor.

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